Red and Blue Scrimmage 2009

The Cox School of Business Honors Marketing Practicum class (in photo, right) is teaming up with SMU Athletics this spring to promote SMU Football’s Red and Blue Scrimmage on April 25. The marketing class also is organizing festivities at Doak Walker Plaza before the scrimmage for students, alumni and the community.

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Doak Wants You!

An update from Lauren, a senior marketing and psychology major:

R&B Scrimmage in the making …

Depending on one another is what we have to do in our Marketing Practicum
Course. Everything one department does is connected to the other departments.

Hard work and dedication are a must when it comes to finalizing plans, securing donations, talking with the media, etc. And we squeeze this all into an hour-and-20-minute class twice a week! Most of class is spent getting caught up with what all the different departments are involved in and staying on track with each other.

There is a lot of work done outside of class as well, so it’s crucial to make time to get things done, finalized, and in a timely manner. Following up with the client, sponsors, media outlets, the band, classmates, etc. is a constant responsibility of all of us in the Marketing Practicum Course.

This is what it would be like working with a team of professionals when doing event marketing in the real world. It’s crazy and fun throughout the entire process and amazing to see how our work starts coming together in the end!

Scrimmage Department update!

Advertising is unveiling the scrimmage theme/campaign with fliers and posters that will soon be around campus, as well as working on introducing our Wednesday Pep Rally Event to get pumped up for Saturday’s main event. It’s exciting, and all I can say is “Doak Wants You!” to come …

Public Relations is working to make the event worthwhile by gathering sponsors and businesses around the area to come out and support our Mustangs …

Campaign Strategy is planning out minute by minute of the pre-scrimmage event so that it will rock every attendee’s socks off …

Account Planning is contacting the sororities and fraternities out there on campus to encourage overall campus support and promotion of the Red & Blue Scrimmage …

We’re all working hard to make this the best Red & Blue Scrimmage for all who come and an event that will become a lasting tradition here on campus!

Let’s get pumped up SMU!

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