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Rebecca is a President’s Scholar and a triple major in art history in Meadows School of the Arts and Spanish and French in Dedman College. In Summer 2009, she will begin her travels in the sunny South of France on the Cote d’Azur before continuing to Barcelona. There, she will pursue a Richter research project, studying the relationship between nationalized Catholicism, the Franco regime and parish church architecture in the Catalunya region of northeastern Spain. After Barcelona, Rebecca will continue to the Burgundy region of France, where she will volunteer as a guest worker on an organic vegetable farm before settling down for Fall 2009 in Madrid.

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Weekend in Aix

An excerpt from Rebecca’s blog:

DSC_0055.pngThis weekend I discovered my new favorite city – Aix-en-Provence, a charming town/city full of contradictions. For example, for being one of the most fountainous cities in all of France, it was certainly very difficult to find well-priced water to abet the oppressive Provencal heat.

Dancing in the streets, attending mass at the Cathedral (complete with the baptism of a local child named Luigi), and soaking up the city that served as muse to Cezanne just begin the long list of my favorite memories from this weekend.

Because there was so much to see and do, I will highlight my favorite moments from the weekend in a very organized list – hopefully the photos will speak for themselves.

1. FAVORITE NEW WORD: un coquelicot (kokuhleeko, meaning wild red poppy)

2. NEW ACQUISITIONS: a linen romper, a blister, another sunburn, two art history books, and a book of shorts by Maupassant.

3. MISSED OUT ON: Cezanne’s Atelier (closed Sundays), climbing Mt St Victoire. Another day.

DSC_0261.jpg4. WILL NEVER FORGET: the Aix-en-Provence rugby team celebrating victory by frolicking in the fountain, waiting at a very sweaty gare for four hours, carrying too much luggage, being tempted to buy Birkenstocks.

5. FAVORITE CHARACTERS: crepe-man from Marseilles smoking a Cuban cigar and complaining about politics, 80-year-old man on the bus who explained his abhorrence for cigarettes and his one experience smoking when the allies liberated France (at age 18 he wanted to look cool in front of the American G.I.s).

6. FAILED SCHEME: attempting to get the woman next to me on the TGV to edit my French homework. Oh well.

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