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Rebecca is a President’s Scholar and a triple major in art history in Meadows School of the Arts and Spanish and French in Dedman College. In Summer 2009, she will begin her travels in the sunny South of France on the Cote d’Azur before continuing to Barcelona. There, she will pursue a Richter research project, studying the relationship between nationalized Catholicism, the Franco regime and parish church architecture in the Catalunya region of northeastern Spain. After Barcelona, Rebecca will continue to the Burgundy region of France, where she will volunteer as a guest worker on an organic vegetable farm before settling down for Fall 2009 in Madrid.

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Market day

An excerpt from Rebecca’s blog:

So much for stereotypes! Today was a day full of friendly French people. In fact, we interacted with so many hospitable and warm folk that my friend Drew and I thought we were fated for disaster by the end.

After spending an hour or so perusing the famed Forville market, which was bustling with delightful people and delectable products, we ran errands around town and ended up settling down on rocks near the beach for lunch around one. With a baguette, some chevre cheese, and a couple of peaches, the perfect Provencal picnic was rivaled only by the beauty of the Sea beyond.

DSC_0313.jpgThe afternoon took me to the Ile de St. Honorat, an island that is just fifteen minutes off the coast of France by ferry. Cistercian monks have inhabited the island for the past sixteen centuries praying, producing wine, and apparently educating St. Patrick. Needless to say, the rocky and forested island was the perfect background for contemplation.

After returning from the Island and merrily chatting with a pair of Parisian women on the way, I bought some aloe vera for my sunburnt back and some anti-itch cream for the myriad of mosquito bites that have been driving me crazy for the past three days. Probably not the most interesting of adventures, admittedly, until at the till I looked down only to find that the pharmacie’s floor was glass and showcased an elaborate koi pond below. C’etait incroyable!

The final surprise of the day came when a young woman stopped Drew and me in the street on the way back home and asked us if we spoke French. Answering in the affirmative, we were told that she worked for an online magazine and she took photos of our ensembles because she found them interesting. As my clothes that day had all been purchased at Marshall’s, I was pleasantly surprised that a trendy French woman found them intriguing.

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