I have already learned so much at the ACLU – both about my possible career and the inner-workings of society! Thankfully, I haven’t done much “secretarial” work at all – most of the work I do is to aid law clerks and my sponsor (the director of “Immigration and National Securities”).

Being in that specific department, most of the issues we work with have to do with current-day progress with the closing of Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay) and immigrant rights issues in Georgia and the Southeastern region.

I often do research for opinion editorials and legislative bills my sponsor plans on writing or drafting and end up learning so much in the process. I work mainly with law interns (clerks) because of the specific department I am working in, but they are all so helpful and enjoyable to be around – the atmosphere at the ACLU really is much like a family!

There is never a boring day – I’m always busy and am often out of the office. So far, I’ve attended trials, press conferences, rallies, legislative meetings, commission hearings, board of education meetings, and marches.

I can’t wait to update on how much more I’ve been getting to do at the ACLU, soon!