meleah-Arc-du-Triomphe-sm.jpg meleah-foutainebleau-sm.jpg Yesterday some of my friends and I took an open-air tour bus ride of this wonderful city. We were able to see some things that we probably would not have a chance to visit otherwise. (Photo right: At the Arc de Triomphe; photo left: Fountainebleau)

During our tour we took a lunch break at the Louvre. We did not get to see any of the art, but the outside is fascinating. Our class is going to take a few classes there, so I will be able to see more of it later.

After our tour we went to the four-story Haagen Daz store for dessert. Later on we had dinner at this delicious Italian restaurant.

Two things I love about Paris at night are:

1. It does not get dark until after 10 and
2. Although most places do not have air conditioning, it is not necessary. It gets pretty cool at night … and it is not that hot during the day!

Paris at night is beautiful and there are so many people out. However, there are “quiet hours” after 10pm for the city. The French, in general, are quiet people. Even through the day it is quiet. I don’t mind following their noise rules, but some of my fellow Americans are having a hard time adjusting … hopefully they can get the hang of it before we leave.

Anyway, this weekend has been eventful and I am eternally grateful for having three-day weekends, so we can have time to explore and do our homework … which I should start now!