IMG_4339.JPGTaos has themed summers every year, in order to pull in tourists and to provide fun entertainment for the community. This summer the theme is the “Summer of Love!” in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. All summer long there are fun events that people can attend.

Today was the Hippie Dippie Parade! Yeah! My friend Sarah is doing an internship at the Taos News, which sponsored the parade, and she invited me to join her and the news staff in sharing a little summer love and some free papers with the crowd. So I dressed up in my best hippie outfit, and we headed into town!

IMG_4367.JPGThe Taos News people rock, let me just say that point blank. They were incredibly welcoming, and their costumes far outshined mine and Sarah’s. Our friend Trigg’s only hippie accessory was a tie-dye sheet around his head, but the fact that he can juggle newspapers while walking down the street made him pretty much the most popular parade celebrity. The Taos News staff voted him MVP, and told him they expect him to be at every function they attend.

IMG_4350.JPGI think I love parades because my mother loves parades, and I inherited that gene from her – I am most grateful to you, mom! However, it is so much more fun to be IN the parade, rather than just watching! There I was, a Coloradoan, jogging down the streets, shouting gleefully, handing out free newspapers, and in all senses pretending to be a New Mexican hippie. SO MUCH FUN. Huge painted buses, people everywhere, horses, candy, and some of the most ridiculously amazing clothes I have ever seen in my entire life. Give my regards to Taos; they know how to have a parade!!

After returning to headquarters and putting all our props and such away, the entire news staff went out to lunch at Ogelvies in the Taos Plaza, telling us we had to join them because “Chris” was paying. So not only did I get to be in a parade, but I got some awesome chicken mole! Only to be followed by the most delicious cinnamon ice cream courtesy of the “Taos Cow,” a cafe and deli on the road to the Taos Ski Valley.

Taos has so much to offer. It may be a small city, but it has a big heart, and I feel honored to have been welcomed into the Summer of Love.