Lydia in Taos

Lydia is a sophomore President’s Scholar with a double major in Spanish in Dedman College and theater studies in Meadows School of the Arts. She is spending the June 2009 term in SMU-in-Taos, where she will be taking plant biology and acting scene study. Then she plans to visit the city of Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where her sister works with the nonprofit Food for the Hungry.

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The beautiful drive to Taos

IMG_4210.JPG Prior to this past Wednesday, I had never driven more than two hours by myself. Now, however, I can proudly boast having road-tripped from Denver, CO to Taos, NM! – about a five-and-a-half-hour drive through some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen.

IMG_4244.JPGAccompanied by six specially-made-for-me CDs, courtesy of a best friend, I set out. Good music, windows down … life is great. There is something marvelous about being allowed to drive 75 miles an hour – agreed?

My mother seems to look down upon my having taken pictures while driving at such a speed, but how could I not? Still, no picture will ever capture the scope of the enormous and majestic Western sky. I even prayed, asking if God would perhaps allow me to capture an image of His magnificent lightning inside my little picture box … but either He declined, or my timing was off.

IMG_4274.JPGAlas, no pictures of lighting but far too many of the BEAUTIFUL landscape. Those five and a half hours flew by.

Now as I sit in my “Casita,” one of the adobe cabin-like buildings that serve as the dorms on the SMU Fort Burgwin campus, I am amazed at how easily I made it here. Really, I could traipse across the country via my car and make it to practically anywhere on the continent … Next summer! Of course, then I would need more CDs … but I’m sure that could be arranged.

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