IMG_4487.JPG This morning I woke up an hour and a half before my alarm to the ping-pong dripping sound of rain on our roof. The simple act of lying in bed, listening to the water surrender itself, completed my day before the day ever began. I fell back asleep – it didn’t take long.

Due to rain, my plant biology class was cancelled, so I had an entire morning to myself! I savored my time sitting in the sun at the dining hall, and I savored the raspberries in my cereal. I love raspberries!! The dining hall has them every morning for breakfast! Which is fabulous, because in my family raspberries are a rare treat (when the tiny little box costs less than three dollars and still hosts healthy fruit).

IMG_4497.JPG Since it was rather muddy outside, I decided I would forgo my run in favor of another “Mocha something” from World Cup, where I could do a little studying and reading and eek! memorizing of lines. On my way to my car, I met three of the guys in my theater class who just so happened to be headed into town for their own Cup of the World. So we joined parties. The fog hovered over the mountains beneath thick gray clouds. It was beautiful in a delightfully gloomy way. And with my Mocha Mexicana in hand, I felt I deserved to be poetic and pensive.

The four of us went to Mainstreet Bakery, where we sat and enjoyed the live music of two excellent guitarists playing folk and blues off in a corner. This was turning out to be an excellent morning: delicious coffee drink, good friends, good locale, a soundtrack for my studying … ah, what bliss. We sat and studied and talked for about two hours and then remembered the parking meters.