IMG_4833.JPGToday we hiked the Italianos trail in the Taos Ski Valley to an aspen grove. Not much needs saying concerning the hike itself, other than that it was beautiful!! Catching the trend in my blogs? Beauty is a big theme that my heart cannot seem to avoid rejoicing over time and time again … yikes, my language can get flowery. But Taos has so many beautiful places to see!

IMG_4845.JPGWe trekked through the trees and carefully crossed the little brook that streams down the mountainside. Every step was a Kodak moment. The trees stretched toward the sky like silent giants, simply waiting for their moment to sing in the wind. Sun flitted through the flimsy aspen leaves, sprinkling golden light on us mere humans walking below. Who needs skiing when you can hike? Thank goodness for seasons.

We stopped at the Taos Cow after our adventure and splurged on probably the best ice cream I have ever had. Let’s see, I’ve been there four times now, and every single flavor I have tried is delicious. Though I must say, the cinnamon is my favorite. If you ever come to Taos, visit the Cow.

IMG_4872.JPG Tonight was also my first time camping EVER. I’ve spent a lot of time in the mountains in my life, but always with a bed and a toilet nearby. I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I was to spend a night under the stars in my sleeping bag! We rented camping equipment and made a trip to Albertsons to purchase goodies: hot dogs, buns, tortilla chips and salsa (YES!!), S’more supplies, and pancake batter, eggs, and sausages for breakfast. Our fire was lovely, and we had a great time munching, chatting, singing, and gazing at the stars.

IMG_4889.JPG A grand ol’ time … until it started pouring rain around 1:30 in the morning! We were sleeping out by the campfire, rather than in the tents, since we thought it was supposed to be a clear night. But by early morning the tents were filled with water! (Our equipment didn’t all match up … my fault?)

IMG_4898.JPG At 7am it was still raining. We packed (or better, we “rolled”) up our sloshing tents and made another fire. A miracle with how wet everything was! We were determined to make our breakfast in the rain! Pancakes and sausage dusted with a little ash from the fire are a delicacy. Yum yum!! I think I ate a lot of dirt in the process of this trip.

So, my first time camping, and it was kind of a disaster. But that is what made it all the more fun. I am learning as I listen to more and more camping stories, that it is the difficulties that are fun to retell – because we make it through to the other side of the clouds. And that feat is worth the rain.