IMG_4807.JPG The view from the road is spectacular. I climbed up into the front seat of the van so that I could roll down the window and take better pictures. We flew past the burning reds and oranges of the incredible rock cathedrals that adorn the sky.


I do not think I have ever been more amazed by rocks than I have been these past few weeks! The sky was a perfect blue, and the clouds rolled in their own dancing time. Ah! What beauty there is to be had in the world!

My plant biology class hiked “Chimney Trail,” leading up to the edge of the cliff next to the tower-looking structure. As we went, Dr. Ubelaker lectured (whenever we needed a water break!) about the plants in the area as well as the rock formations that surrounded us. Ghost Ranch is a highly popular location for paleontology as evidence of multiple periods of time can be observed and studied in the rock.


Ghost Ranch, NM is where Georgie O’Keeffe, perhaps one of New Mexico’s most significant artists, received much of her inspiration. She painted the astounding landscape over and over again, and her house, now closed and unavailable for visits, rests in the valley below the cliffs and mountains.

The view from the top of Chimney Rock is even more spectacular than that from the road. Looking out at the fields of rock and sagebrush and trees and water I could imagine caravans making their way across the Southwest. And I could even imagine the sky dripping pieces of turquoise, beloved by the natives… oh how I long to be a bird for a day! Simply to soar through the castles of rock… a bit dramatic? Well, I am a theater major.


The ride home was equally gorgeous…. the beauty just never ends here in New Mexico.