Laura in Spain

Laura is a sophomore majoring in political science and Spanish in Dedman College. In Spring 2009, she will be taking courses toward her Spanish major in Spain at the Fundacion Jose Ortega y Gasset, while being immersed in Spanish culture.

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The fruits of Granada

Granada was the last city occupied by Muslims and re-conquered by Isabel and Ferdinand, resulting in the home of their tombs.

We made a visit to the Capilla Real, which is their burial ground where a monument lays above their tombs. Most important, in remembrance of the great defeat, the Crown placed the symbol of a Granada at the bottom of the shield, which can be seen on Spain’s flag.

La%20alahmbra%20en%20Granada.JPG The place that made me fall in love with Muslim architecture was the Alhambra (left), which means palace. It had beautifully crafted gardens that made me feel like I was living in nature’s Eden.

We had a loooooong bus ride back to Madrid. After settling back into my Senora’s house I realized how comfortable I am getting here and how much I missed my new home.

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