Sevilla was the second stop in our tour of Andalucia.

palacio-real-en-sevilla-sm.jpgIt was one of the most important cities during the discovery of America because the Sevillan port was the only trading connection that Europe had with the new world. The sailors even had a prayer room with a huge painting where they asked the saint to provide them with a successful trip.

palacio-o-alcazar-sm.jpgWe visited a Muslim palace, or Alcazar (left), which looked quite modest on the outside but was truly magnificent on the inside.

We also got to see the house of the original “Don Juan,” who was known as a womanizer and has provoked many tales.

catedral-en-sevilla-sm.jpg My favorite visit in Sevilla was the Gothic cathedral. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is considered to be the biggest cathedral in the world! It was an amazing sight to see. I felt even shorter with its ceilings being so high.

Lastly, our professors treated us to a flamenco performance. It was a new experience but reminded me of the Folklorico dances from Mexico. I plan to go to more flamenco performances upon my return to Madrid! It rained a lot during our stay so we were unable to explore Sevilla as much as we would have liked.