l-Segovia-Palacio-Real-and-Granja-sm.jpg We took a day trip to Segovia, where we visited two palaces, Royal Palace of la Granja de San Ildefonso (in photo) and Alcazar. Palacio Real was built for King Phillip V for his use upon retirement. It has beautiful gardens and fountains that surround the palace and make you feel as if you are one with nature. The Alcazar was a palace used for the royal families and where Queen Isabel lived at the time of being crowned Queen of Castilla.

The first palace was very different on many levels to the second palace. For example, Palacio Alcazar was a lot more simple in terms of decorations, and its furnishings were not embellished with gold like in the Granja. In the Granja everything was elaborate because the king wanted it to look similar to the French palace of Versailles.

For lunch we had a typical Segovian dish: a cochinillo, which is a baby pig. Some people thought it was disgusting and cruel, but I chose not to look at the pig’s face and enjoyed it very much. When in Spain, do as the Spaniards!

l-Segovia-aqueduct-sm.jpg We were also able to see an ancient Roman aqueduct that still stands today. It was an amazing sight as it towered over the city! Our professor illustrated the way that they were able to use the aqueduct to get water from the mountains to the highest parts of the city.

Both of these trips have not only been fun, but also rewarding and educational. I cannot wait for our trips to come! I can remember reading about these particular sites in text books, but actually seeing them in person has made a great impression.