Well, here I am, once again waiting in the airport to go to Paris. Things were notably different this time though. The goodbyes had fewer tears and that gut-wrenching feeling of leaving my hometown was notably missing. However, I do have to say that it was really hard to leave my mother and my sister Jaimie at the security terminal today. I left, and then ran back and gave them one more hug. I looked at my mom and told her that I would see again soon when she visits Paris in the summer. She smiled, nodded, and continued to cry.

So, once again, I am completely on my own staying in France. Now that it’s all beginning to settle in, I’m really getting excited. I mean to think that in a matter of hours I will once again get to see the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Seine! It’s crazy really. In a matter of hours I’ll get to see my French family again and my friends!

I feel so much more confident this time about what I am doing, and why I am doing it. I don’t have this queezy feeling of uncertainty because I know exactly what I’m going back to. I’ve done this all before and I know exactly what to do. My first time in France was an adventure, a time to feel out what the country could possibly have in store for my future. This time around I’m on a mission: to set motions in place that will have a direct impact on my future.

I’m going to find a job, an internship, and I am going to really live in France. I will not be traveling all around the continent this time, but rather will stay mostly in Paris. I’m staying for the summer, completely on my own will, which will be really interesting. And in the midst of it all I will be looking at schools for my master’s degree so that I can begin applying and taking the GMAT when I get back to Dallas in the fall.

Wow … back to Paris. Back to the city of Lights. AHHH!!! I’m finally doing it again!!!

How lucky am I to be able to follow my dreams and live in one of the most amazing cities in the world? How in the world did I ever get to this point? It’s incredible, really it is. I just can’t believe how lucky I am.

All right, I’m off for now. Next time I write I’ll be in Paris again! A bientot!