i-meredith.jpg An update from Meredith, a junior CCPA major and business minor:

There is no better time to discuss our nation’s issues than during a transition of power. Anticipation lingers as Americans wonder what new leadership will bring. Will more opportunity arise? Will employment rates increase? Will the country reunite to solve the problems of today?

With a new beginning comes hope, and with a new president comes the chance for this country to successfully solve the nation’s problems. So what better time to discuss the key issues that will soon swarm the White House? Well, it turns out college kids all over the country feel the time is now.

Today, Michigan State University and Wake Forest College gathered at the Smithsonian Institute to debate climate control and energy efficiency. Michigan passionately stressed implementing carbon taxes to solve the problem immediately. But Wake Forest refuted Michigan’s strategy and instead suggested the need for a sustained economy before more taxes would benefit America.

Each side passionately protested their sides and cross-examined their opponents to persuade each listener. The heat of the debate rose drastically as the debaters reached their final statements.

As the debaters exited the stage I reflected on the words previously exchanged, and the importance of debate in time of need. Debate stems solution. It encourages passion. And it supports democracy.