i-ElizabethL.jpg An update from Elizabeth, a junior CCPA major:

Right: Starting out our trip on a 7:15 AM flight into Washington D.C. Kelsey and I were so excited to see the Washington Monument from the airplane!

Left: Exiting the Archives/Navy Memorial/ Penn Quarter Metro Stop. Headed for the Newseum to hear author Stephen Hess speak about his new book What Do We Do Now? A Workbook for the President-elect.

ElisabethL-3.jpgRight: Inside the Newseum, Gutenberg’s Puzzle. Using the individual metal and wood-block printing press type, artist Lloyd G Schermer has created one-of-a-kind works of art.

Left: A section of the Berlin Wall featured inside the Newseum.

Right: A view of the Capitol from the sixth floor of the Newseum.

ElisabethL-IMG_6.jpgLeft: A part of the World Trade Center, the upper section of the radio antenna from the North Tower survived the attack. Behind are front pages of several international and domestic newspapers reporting on the 9/11 attacks. Behind that wall there is a viewing room that shows media clips and eye-witness reports from the day.