An update from Jenny, a senior CCPA and sociology major:

As I got off the plane in Washington D.C., the icy wind blew on my face and my fingers slowly began to freeze. I lugged my 45-pound suitcase through the metro station and waited in line to check into the hotel. My feet were already swollen and I was running on three hours of sleep. Honestly, though, none of those things frustrated me at all because I am about to witness one of America’s greatest moments in history: the inauguration of our first black President, Barack Obama.

Jenny.jpgI was present in Denver, Colorado, for Obama’s official nomination as a CNN runner and now on Tuesday, January 20, 2009, I will witness his swearing-in ceremony. Being politically conscious through this entire campaign has truly been a growing experience for me. For the first time in my adult life I have found a political leader that I not only believe in, but he also believes in me, as a student, as a volunteer, and as an American.

While the weekend has just begun I can already feel the energy of the inaugural events that will be unfolding these next few days in D.C. Being around other young, ambitious SMU students in this environment is a very rewarding experience. While all of our activities planned are fun, we are also focusing on the academic side of Presidential Rhetoric and the significance of such a historical city like D.C. As CCPA students at SMU, we have been trained to look deeper for the meaning behind our social, political, economical and cultural symbols in order to learn something new about our world. And that’s what we intend to do while in D.C.

We have the wonderful opportunity to see Obama’s inauguration and get to deepen our understanding of communication by discussing the implications of his presidency. For this I am grateful and excited. This weekend’s events will truly be life-changing.