i-jessica-sm.jpgAn update from Jessie, a senior CCPA major and Spanish and Human Rights minor:

As the time for me to graduate into the “real world” continues to creep up on me, I find myself constantly contemplating the options for my first job/career come May graduation. Here in D.C. we have been given the opportunity to meet with various SMU alumni who have generously shared their success stories with us, not to mention all their biases toward life on Capitol Hill.

As I have specialized in nonprofit communication within my CCPA major, at this evening’s alumni reception I enjoyed talking to various alumni about not only the amazing number of nonprofit organizations in D.C., but also their successes at their organizations.

Besides being the place for politics, one alumni told me that D.C. is also a hub for many nonprofit organizations, which he estimated provide around 50 percent of the jobs in the city. A theme for many of my conversations this evening was how great it is to work in a city where you are surrounded by people who want to truly help you make the change you believe in. Through my conversations with alumni I have come to the understanding that D.C. itself is a micro representation of the intertwining of the government, corporate and nonprofit sector that is occurring worldwide.

With Obama’s campaign for hope and change and his inauguration growing ever closer, I believe this is also a great moment for nonprofit organizations to let our President-Elect know just how important their missions are to the future of our world. For me, the most important part of working for a nonprofit is the understanding of what you need to do to accomplish its mission, and the idea that we can change our nation for the better through nonprofit mission accomplishment exudes hope in my service heart.