Inauguration Trip 2009

A group of SMU communications and journalism students led by Rita Kirk, professor in the Division of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs in Meadows School of the Arts, is headed to Washington, D.C., in January 2009 for Barack Obama’s inauguration.

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My view from the Mall

i-jamie-sm.jpg An update from Jamie, a senior CCPA and history major:

I woke up at 5:30am and started walking toward the Mall. As I moved toward the Washington Monument, over a mile from the Capitol, thousands of people began to gather for the swearing-in ceremony held over five hours later.

I will never forget the image of the sun rising over the Monument as people pilgrimaged to the Capitol (or as far as they could make it). I use the word “pilgrimage” deliberately because President Obama is more than a political figure; he represents a movement toward a more self-reliant, caring society. People from all over the world are desperate for change, and many see Obama as the way to achieve noticeable and sustainable change.

I was not close enough to view the ceremony firsthand, but I was closer than half of the other people in attendance. I cannot describe the massive crowd that gathered on the Mall. There were people at every angle; it was never-ending. I did not see anyone become frustrated or angry with the long lines and thick crowd; everyone was just happy to be there. I certainly was!

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