i-maggie-sm.jpgAn update from Maggie, a junior CCPA major:

The Mall is a compilation of historic monuments that evoke all kinds of emotions.

Emotions of anger and passion. Protesters frequently gather to project to a crowd of anyone who will listen. They feel so moved by their cause that they want to make a difference and inform onlookers to do the same. It is, as American citizens, our First Amendment right to do so.

Emotions of sadness. The monuments scattered about the Mall symbolize loved ones who ultimately sacrificed their lives for the betterment of those who now visit it. Many people who gather there are still struck by the grief that those wars caused.

Emotions of gratitude and pride. People like myself who did not witness the millions of families that were affected by the casualties can still stand in the middle of the Mall and reflect and feel appreciative and grateful for the ones that did. Those who lost loved ones feel proud of the sacrifice that their son or daughter made.

The overwhelming swirling of emotions that surround the Mall is alive.