i-meredith.jpg An update from Meredith, a junior CCPA major and business minor:

You never realize how small the world is until you randomly run into someone who graduated from the same small high school that you thought no one knew existed. But today, with one simple conversation, my world got smaller.

It turns out a Washington local who graduated from SMU also graduated from my small run-of-the-mill high school in Jefferson City, Missouri. Yes, Edward is a fellow proud Jay Bird who also experienced the same high school glory days as I did. Our conversation immediately sparked as we bonded over the great assets a small town has to offer. “I never meet anyone from Jefferson City,” he said.

After sharing similar high school stories, Edward explained his move to Washington and his passion for journalism. We discussed his journalism position while I expressed my interest in crisis management, the potential for law school and writing. “I have something you should read,” he said. He explained that the article was about Obama’s speeches and the rhetorical devices used within each speech. Because I am passionate about writing I decided to later find the article.

As the conversation ended, Edward and I exchanged cards. When he walked away, I realized how important it is to network and meet people who have similar interests. Even just listening to a passionate individual convey advice and personal experience is inspiration for success. Edward’s move from a small city to a big city encouraged me to continue taking chances and follow my dreams. His similar story hit home, and I smiled as I realized it’s a small world after all.