i-ElizabethL.jpg An update from Elizabeth, a junior CCPA major:

Eliz2.jpgRight: The view through the gate at the South Lawn of the White House. It was 33 degrees outside, a big change from the 19 degrees of Saturday.

Eliz3.jpgLeft: Standing on the Atlantic side of the World War II Memorial. Every state is represented by a pillar. I found Texas and Florida, where I’m from. There is usually flowing water and fountains, but due to the cold temperature the water spouts had frozen over!

Eliz4.jpgRight: The Washington Monument from the WWII memorial. It’s a lot bigger up close! And absolutely freezing when you’re up on the hill right next to it.

Eliz5.jpgLeft: The thousands of people waiting for the concert at the Lincoln Memorial. It was still four hours away, and people were already filling up more than halfway down the Reflection Pool.

Eliz6.jpgRight: The Hilton Garden Inn – Our home for this adventure.

Eliz1.jpgLeft: The huge American flag inside the Gaylord International Hotel where we’re volunteering for the Texas State Society’s Black Tie and Boots Ball on Monday night. We were there for training and to get credentials and to familiarize ourselves with the hotel layout.