Inauguration Trip 2009

A group of SMU communications and journalism students led by Rita Kirk, professor in the Division of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs in Meadows School of the Arts, is headed to Washington, D.C., in January 2009 for Barack Obama’s inauguration.

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Celebrating at the National Cathedral

i-mollie-sm.jpgAn update from Mollie, a junior CCPA major:

We entered the taxi cab and headed to church. We drove through the college town of Georgetown and watched as Obama posters filled window after window.

Out-of-town guests and regular worshippers crowded the Washington National Cathedral. It was a sight to see with the beautiful stained-glass windows and astounding architecture. The gift store was filled with everything you can imagine.

We were welcomed by the community and sang and worshipped together. We listened as the excitement of President Elect Barack Obama embodied the thoughts and feelings of everyone. Our President will change on Tuesday, and as stated in the sermon today, “Rosa sat … So that Martin could walk … So that Obama could run … So that our children could fly.”

It is an exciting time, and a time of change. When church ended we headed back to the hotel in search of food, but apparently all of the restaurants are closed on Sundays. Food from the hotel “pantry” filled our stomachs to prepare us for the rest of the day.

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