Jessica.jpeg.jpgAn update from Jessica, a senior CCPA and political science major:

People around here are so happy about Barack Obama they’re bursting into song, literally.

Today while walking down the street in China Town and on two separate occasions on the Metro, I walked by people singing made-up songs celebrating Barack Obama, some even skipping while they sang. Random, I know, but it kind of exemplifies the excitement that this city is filled with right now.

On every street, in every building, around every corner there are people celebrating in anticipation of Tuesday’s inauguration, and it is perhaps the most diverse group of people I have seen come together. It is fun to see suburban-looking moms, little kids, teenagers, businessmen and laid-back hippie-types all out on the streets talking politics and getting involved.

Obama promised change, and so far the momentum he’s putting behind the Democratic political process is helping him live up to it. Now hopefully we can keep it up!