Elizabeth.jpg An update from Elisabeth: An update from Elisabeth:

In this competitive country, we hear that the way to make it to the top is through the contacts we make. When 17 CCPA and Journalism students were given the privilege to shadow Meadows Professors Rita Kirk, Ben Voth, Christina Baily-Byers and Carolyn Barta to Washington, D.C., there was no way to know what to expect. I was one of the students given the wonderful opportunity to have this life-altering experience.

The first day we did not stop, not even to eat, after security took the only food we had planned to eat for the day! (Remember we are in D.C.; security is at every door.) We experienced more history, emotion, and knowledge in five days than could have been experienced in a semester of classes.

Yet on this trip especially, I found that sometimes the people you meet can be more beneficial then the actual knowledge you learn from a subject. Not to discount intelligence, because we as people would be nothing without our wits, but the ones we meet and make special connections with can help us move forward using our knowledge.

This trip was designed to help us use the knowledge we have learned in the classroom and expand on it. We were fortunate enough to talk to people who have made a successful life for themselves in the careers they have aspired to obtain. I can only hope to follow in their footsteps and obtain the career of my dreams.