Elizabeth.jpg An update from Elisabeth:

On the third day of the trip, we had the opportunity to attend the Holocaust Museum.

This was special to me because I have always been interested in World War II, and more specifically, the Holocaust. My grandparents were in the War and were German citizens at the time. They did not agree to follow Hitler, so it was so fascinating for me to see what they endured, along with all the others who were harmed.

Recently, I suffered the loss of my grandfather at the age of 81. Knowing that he suffered through all of this pain made me reflect on his recent passing. I had visited the wonderful nation’s capital before, but I did not have the opportunity to visit this impactful museum. I have now already made arrangements to speak with my grandmother about her experience, whenever she feels comfortable. I also learned that my grandfather had left his story before he passed.

Walking through the exhibitions, I felt like my grandfather was there with me, shadowing me the whole way. I have never felt so in touch with my grandparents, and I am glad I still have the opportunity to hear my grandmother’s story.