2009_0708New_File0086.jpg (Photo right: in front of Moscow State University)

Last night Laura, Drew and I went to the Bolshoi Theatre to see the tragic opera The Tsar’s Bride.

It was my first time to the opera, and although it was difficult to understand what they were singing (it was entirely in Russian), I loved it. They had big screens next to the stage that displayed the lyrics in English, but I did not want to take my eyes off the opera singers, there was so much feeling and emotion in their faces.

It is amazing to me how much pride Russians take in their artists, whether they are painters, actors, singers or anything in between. I could tell that the people around me knew who each person performing in the opera was, while there is no way I could name a single American opera singer.

I think that on my return to the U.S. I will try to submerge myself in the art world more. Art does more than I realize to shape and influence a culture like Russia’s.