We just got back from our first “formal” event (at least the first one we knew we were supposed to dress up for) – the National Dance Show of Russia.

It was held in the concert hall of the Hotel Cosmos, and quite honestly was not what I was expecting. I thought that since Russians are known for their ballet, this would be a ballet-centered or at least ballet-inspired show.

On the contrary, the entire performance was a story of Russia’s history, from the beginning, when St. Cyril developed the Russian alphabet, to the more recent Soviet Era. All of the history in between was illustrated through the art of Russian folk dancing. It was so much fun.

The men in the show were performing some of the most amazing acrobatics I have ever seen, and the women spun and stomped their feet quicker than I thought possible. The costumes were all in tune with Russian clothing trends throughout the years, and the show itself was historically accurate and extremely informative. I loved it.