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CJ is a sophomore economics major in Dedman College and finance major in Cox School of Business. In Fall 2009, he is participating in the inaugural fall semester at SMU’s campus at Fort Burgwin in New Mexico.

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On to our second block: Photography

Ghost%20Ranch%201.jpg Today was the end of our first block of classes.

Unlike most college campuses, here in Taos we are taking one course at a time for about three and a half weeks.

For me, this was Geology. Other students took Plant Biology and The Great Society.

We will all be in the same class next block: photography.

Ghost%20Ranch%202-1.jpgWe’re all pretty excited to see what tricks we can learn on our cameras to really capture the beauty of northern New Mexico.

Rio%20Grande%20Gorge%201-1.jpg Until we start photography on Monday, we have a block break vacation, during which we will travel to the Great Sand Dunes of southern Colorado. We’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures to show everyone when we get back.

For now, here are some pictures of the Geology field trips we’ve gone on the past three weeks.

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