After a return to Ghost Ranch for more picture opportunities, our photography class was introduced to Photoshop this past week. We’ve been enhancing our photos with color balance, white/black levels, contrast and other tools. We’ve also tried our hand at Photoshopping people and things into different backgrounds. By the end of this week we’ll begin turning our creations into prints.

IMG_0216.jpg Over the weekend we had three days of Wellness class. On Friday we took a hike to the top of the ridge behind Fort Burgwin. The hike to the ridge took about an hour and a half, but was well worth the troop. From the peak, we could oversee the Fort as well as the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

IMG_0258-1.jpg On Saturday we went rock climbing, guided by local expert climbers. It was a first for many of us, but we all did well. In the morning, we started with 40- and 50-foot climbs. After lunch some of us reached the top of higher peaks, nearly 75 feet high.

Exhausted, we woke up early Sunday morning to go fly fishing in Colorado. Five groups of two were paired with guides, providing us with personal coaching. The big catches of the day were a pair of 18-inch trout, caught by Mike and Huanlu. We came home to delicious steak, chicken and shrimp kabobs on the grill. A tasty end to a tiring weekend.