A report for our first day of Dr. Adler’s “The Taos Experience”:

My first thoughts when I arrived here were of how surprisingly large Taos is. I’d expected an extremely rural area – the type where your neighbor lives “only a few miles down the dirt road.” Downtown Taos was comforting for a city-boy like me. I’m not afraid of the country, and actually find it almost romantic, but it is nice knowing that civilization isn’t too far out of reach.

I was able to explore Taos and the surrounding area during my first two days before classes – driving through the winding mountain roads was incredibly foreign. The second night I was here I’d driven to Santa Fe. The 90-minute drive back at midnight was pitch black, lonely and scarily quiet. I saw only three cars the entire drive. I remember actually gripping the steering wheel at 10-and-2, knuckles clenched tight to be prepared for any unexpected sharp turns.

Several times I realized how easy it would be to fly off the side of the highway, crashing into the boulders below – with no one the wiser, no cell service to call 911, and an ultimately lonely death. Wonderful.