Applying for medical school

May is almost over and the second weekend for my summer internship is already coming to an end. “Time flies when you are having fun,” as the saying goes.

This week has been interesting as most of us have started working more on our applications for medical school. It seems unbelievable that I am going to graduate in a year. Even more insane is the idea of applying to medical school at this moment. It is surreal, yet part of it is also exciting. Slowly, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together for me. Step by step, I am working toward my end goal after SMU – medical school. I think it was only yesterday when I was completing my application for SMU and now here I am, still filling out paperwork with a smile on my face.


Around Town

The classes still continue to fascinate me, and we have started to explore the island a bit more, eating lunch at Vietnamese places and spending time at the local Wal-Mart next to our housing.

Yesterday featured a team building activity at Main Event, consisting of bowling, laser tag and arcade games. For people who think that Main Event is just something for little kids, you are wrong. The two hours spent there were a ton of fun, and we even discovered hidden talents.

So now I leave you with more tidbits of wisdom that I have learned since I last wrote my entry:

1. Balance is one of the things that we all have to master at some point. Although learning to juggle life is a good act, finding the balance is even better.

2. You are never too old to go enjoy the arcades. If you doubt this statement, visit a local one and witness adults happily pointing at the games as if it was their own personal enemy.

3. Eat a variety of food while you are young and less picky.