S7303633.JPGIt’s Tuesday. A week ago I finished my last final, went home and took a glorious nap. Merely a week later, I am sitting on the couch, flipping the channels on the TV as I try to browse over the chapter for tomorrow’s lecture.

Yesterday and today were focused on just introducing us to the classes that we are going to get a preview of ( gross anatomy and radiology, biochemistry and embryology), a tour of University of Texas at Medical Branch and free time so that we could bond as a group and adjust to our new environment.

S7303631.JPGI think I have done more physical activity in the past 72 hours than the past few days combined. I have jogged and skimboarded by the beach for hours, enjoying the sun with full knowledge that the next few weeks are going to be a lot more hectic. But so far, I’ve picked up a few important things:

1. Ramen noodles are a staple food. If you are spending more than five days anywhere and you are on a budget, bring a box or two and then be creative with it.

S7303659.JPG2. Sand will get on all of your clothes when you are on a beach no matter how careful you are. The earlier you accept this fact, the less cranky you are when you get back from the beach.

3. Make sure that you know the location of the nearest bank. You never know when you will need its services. Have I mentioned that banks will notarize items for you for free?

4. Learn to cook the basics – rice, pasta, eggs. You might think that you do not need this skill now, but when you least expect it, nature will call upon you to cook something to feed yourself.

S7303652.JPG5. People make the memories. You could be eating at a cafeteria that still bears the effects of the recent hurricane and still find it the most exciting place with the right people with you.

I know that life is about to get more hectic as the weeks go by and the classes start to pick up, but hey, at least I’m by a beach. I cannot complain about that. Finally, long walks on the beach is not merely a fantasy but a reality that’s 50 feet away.