An update from Saira:

New York so far has been amazing. The past couple of days we have been working in the kitchen at God’s Love. It has been quite an adventure.

We have been using 14-inch-blades to put our heart and soul into the nutritionally healthy food we have been making for the ill homebound people of New York City. God’s Love prepares 14,000 meals a week, and we have been able to help in this process. Luckily no one has cut themselves yet, though many of us have come close.

Not only have we helped in preparing these meals but we are now almost professionals at cutting onions, potatoes, peppers and a range of other vegetables. We have gotten elbow deep in preparing about 70 lbs of hamburger meat and are definitely building some muscles.

The experience has been amazing so far, and we can’t wait to continue working with God’s Love in the multiple various aspects of their organization.