ASB2009 in New York

During Alternative Spring Break 2009, nine SMU students and a staff adviser will be working in New York City for an organization called God’s Love We Deliver. They will deliver food and nutritional support to families affected by HIV/AIDS and life-altering illnesses.

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Arrival in Manhattan

An update from site leader Kate:

The Impact group selected for representing Southern Methodist University in New York City for spring break woke up early Monday morning at 5 am to depart from campus and begin their weeklong journey to one of the U.S.’s most exciting cities. The group included Nick, Megan, Brandy, Vivian, Matt, Saira, Christina, Wrenn, myself and faculty adviser Amy Schofield.

We boarded the plane and landed in Newark, N.J., then continued into Manhattan, where our hostel and service organization were located. We spent the rest of Monday walking around and beginning to get acquainted with the city.

I’m excited to be working with this great group of individuals, and I’m sure you’ll see the excitement through their individual accounts of the trip so far. Enjoy!

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