An update from Brandy:

Yesterday was our first day in the kitchen at God’s Love. We started out cutting and peeling onions. My eyes could not stand it. They were streaming tears, so I was moved to another station, where I chopped fish that was used in my later assignment. I got to work with the chef and a regular volunteer, Anne, mixing ingredients for seafood casserole with our hands. It was a nice change from the onions.

Later, I mixed ingredients for meatloaf in massive plastic bins – it took a lot of muscle to get all of the bread crumbs, cooking wine, soy sauce and eggs mixed in well with so much meat. We made several huge tubs of meatloaf. Today, when we returned to the kitchen, we formed all that meat into hamburger-sized patties for individual meatloaf portions.

The people at God’s Love are so dedicated to what they do, both the volunteers and the employees. Anne, the volunteer I worked with yesterday, has been volunteering there for over seven years – and there are others who have been there longer. They come regularly, regardless of their schedules or the weather, because they feel connected to the organization and its purpose, which is great.

I loved working in the kitchen the past couple of days and look forward to seeing the people I’ll be helping out tomorrow.