An update from Christina:

Today, we jumped on the subway and headed to the God’s Love We Deliver Headquarters.

My driver, Nerry, had already loaded his van with both the hot and frozen meals before I arrived. Around 8:10, we headed out to the Bronx. At first, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. However, as the day progressed, I got the hang of things with Nerry’s help.

The procedure was quite simple. Nerry drove up to the client’s building and told me which apartment to go to. I followed his instructions and delivered the meals to the clients. Some of the clients were strong enough to get up and meet me outside the building. Some of the clients weren’t there, which left us with extra meals. We ended up giving the extras to some of the last clients of the day. Nerry told me that we had made 44 stops today, but it really felt like much less.

I was very impressed with God’s Love’s system. The food remained in the insulated packaging until we were close enough to pack the containers into paper bags. Some bags contained the regular menu items, while others had modified items for the clients’ specific needs. Seeing a lot of the clients made me realize the amazing work that God’s Love is doing for the sick, homebound citizens of New York.

Delivering meals in the Bronx allowed me to see a side of New York that tourists don’t often see. Although I was nervous, I had an amazing experience today!