Arianne_Billie_Trench_PC38.jpg An update from Billie Christine, an undergraduate at the University of Georgia:

There are only three days left, and I am trying to take in every second that I can. Through all of the blisters, calluses, intense heat, dirt, and sore muscles, there is nothing more rewarding that enjoying Italian home-cooking overlooking the most magnificent view anyone could ask for (although it does give “Under the Tuscan Sun” a whole new meaning).

Arianne_Billie_Alvaro_Matt.jpg I have to admit that after the first week, I began asking myself, “What was I thinking? I’m a Latin teacher!” Squatting, by the way, is my new resting position, and the experience is character-building, to say the least. That being said, I could not imagine ever living without having experienced this.

Coming from a museum background, I have gained a whole new view and understanding of archaeology that will continue with me in my future studies of ancient art. I am so grateful for this opportunity, for the scholars I have worked with, for the unforgettable experiences, and for the awe-inspiring landscapes. And don’t forget the wine! Although I don’t want to leave, I know that this will stick with me always.

Viva PC 38!