Poggio%20Colla%20Trench%20NW4.jpg An update from Katie, a student at the University of Massachusetts:

Our first week has come to a close, and we’ve all agreed that this has been one of the hardest, most rewarding weeks of our lives. While we currently might not be in peak physical condition, we will be soon. Avery has started playing music on the way up the hill every day, and it gets our blood moving for the next eight hours of work.

I still can’t believe that we get driven to the site every day. Yeah, we need to walk up a hill after we get there, but they drive us. And they bring us into town to replenish our supplies. It’s pretty surreal how well they take care of us (though it balances out the hard work every day). The shower situation is good; no one waits longer than 15 minutes around here. Laundry’s not terrible, and hand-washing allows you to appreciate both your mother and your washing machine at home.

I look forward to another week on the hill, especially now that the film crew is here.