I am booked for the next seven weeks. I am travelling every weekend or I am having a visitor.

Last weekend, I went to Amsterdam with Jillian, Drew, Jim and Alex. We stayed at the Hotel Armada, which was right on a canal. The city was beautiful and similar to Copenhagen with lots of bikes, water and overcast weather. I visited the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank Huis and the Heineken Experience. I walked the whole city, and when I got home Monday morning, I was wiped.

Tomorrow night I am headed to Budapest with some new friends. I have heard good things about the city, and I am excited to travel again. Everything is a lot cheaper there and I can’t wait to see the natural hot springs! I just bought a new “camping” style backpack, and it makes travel much easier.

When I get home on Monday, I am faced with two research paper midterms. They are due the week after, but Tyler will be here. It is taking all the self-discipline I have to get these papers done in advance. I have already done the research and made an outline for the finance paper, but I have yet to even pick a topic for my 10-page Holocaust & Genocide paper.

Tyler comes in 8 days! It could NOT be at a better time. I can’t wait to see him and show him the city. Having visitors, especially your boyfriend, is so exciting!

Tyler leaves Thursday and I leave Saturday for three weeks of travel. I’m really looking forward to Berlin and Prague, and I know my adventure trip in Ireland will be exciting.

On another note, Colin and I got bikes yesterday. There is a place where you can rent them, and they use the profits to fix up bikes and send them to Africa. For about 2 months and 2 weeks of rental, we paid 700 DKK, which is about 115 dollars. We chose to get a bike that was one level up because they were a bit nicer.

I rode to class this morning and managed not to injure anyone. I’m still very slow and unsure about the rules. After a few more rides, I’m sure I’ll pick it up. It is so liberating to finally have a bike because I do not have to rely on public transportation. My bus went on strike last week, and it was much more difficult to get around because the train station is not as accessible. I’m excited to explore more of the city on my bike.