I live about 20 minutes north of the DIS center. I need to take the train or the bus to get to my classes. Tomorrow, I’ll need to go get my train/bus/metro pass with the money they have given me.

Back to basics

My “dorm/apartment” is TINY! When they said kitchenette, they really meant kitchenette. We have a tiny mini fridge, 2 twin beds (that look smaller than a twin bed), 2 nice desks, a microwave and a burner. We hardly have any other amenities. There may be an oven and a coffee maker in the common area where there is a TV, but I have yet to investigate that. This is basically an old dorm room! I must say, the SMU rooms are nicer.

We have these little “closets” with one shelf and a bar. No place for folded clothing. I will need to be investing in some amentities for the room. There is a group IKEA trip in a few weeks that I will definitely be taking advantage of.

Now, the bathroom is a sink and a toilet and a cabinet. It’s all tile and then there is the shower with a curtain. But there is no ledge or wall protecting the shower water from the rest of the bathroom…that should be interesting. We will probably need some sort of bath mat and a shower caddy to keep things neat.

I also really feel like this whole place needs to be Cloroxed. I am going to buy a big container of Clorox wipes ASAP. We will also need some dishes, most likely we’ll just get paper stuff since washing dishes is a bit of a task. I need to find out what we do with food trash and how/where we do laundry. I have a HUGE list of things that I think I need such as a laundry basket, paper towels, a new pillow, hair dryer, FOOD, some sort of closet organizer, and we even need light bulbs because these lamps don’t have bulbs!! I think we need a rug too since we just have an icky fake wood floor.

The bedding seemed to be all brand new. There was a bottom sheet that came in a sealed plastic packaging as well as a duvet cover and a pillow sham for the most awkward shaped pillow. It’s also very lumpy. I’m very glad I brought my own towel wrap, shower shoes, and cozy blanket. It makes the room a little more homey especially since I won’t get to a store anytime soon.

Quick tour

My whole building is filled with kids. I already took a 10-minute walking tour with one of our “RAs”. He showed us some grocery stores, an ATM, and some good places to get take out. Tonight we’re all having dinner as a group at a Chinese restaurant around the corner.

It’s chilly here, but not really unbearable.

We have a busy few days with some more orientation stuff, a crash course in Danish, picking up our textbooks, and getting acclimated with DIS.

I’m wiped because I’m having serious jet lag but we’re supposed to stay up as late as we can so that we can get on a good schedule.

I’m still waiting for Jillian to arrive. I hope she gets here soon because I’m lonely!