My roommate Jillian got in around 5:30pm last night. It was so good to finally unite with her. Then our “contact people” took us out for dinner … to Chinese! It was definitely not what I wanted to eat on my first night in Copenhagen. Jillian and I were wiped by 9pm so we headed home to settle a little more and hit the sheet. We both had a pretty restless night despite our exhaustion.

Today was the Opening Ceremonies. We all got up and met in the lobby of our building before heading across the street to a bakery for some breakfast. I swear their croissants were better than in Paris. I also had the best chocolate milk ever!

Then as a group of about 30 we all headed to the train station for our first experience on public transportation.

I tried to watch very closely to where we were going so that I could get my bearings. The trains and busses are SO nice and clean and new! It was actually a very pleasant experience on the train. Then we walked a couple blocks to the Glyptotek for the ceremony.

The building was SO cool. Apparently, the inside is designed to look like a Greek/Roman temple. There are TONS of Greek statues and they also have some Grench impressionism. It’s a really cool place and it’s free on Sundays so we’re definitely going back.

After the ceremony, we were released into the city for lunch. We met up with some of our friends who live downtown by DIS and they have a BEAUTIFUL, brand spankin’ new place. It has a huge kitchen and gorgeous bathroom. Jillian and I were definitely jealous. But we’ll make our room homey soon enough. First priority is a hair dryer, hangers, more pillows and some candles.

We had 2 more sessions today about DIS and living in Denmark. They were sort of boring…THEN! I had my first experience getting lost. We had to get back home from downtown BUT we had really no idea how to do that…so we just tried! And an hour later…WE MADE IT!