So much as happened over the past few weeks! I haven’t been keeping up. Where do I begin!?

A few weeks ago we went to the Icebar in Copenhagen. The bar is located in Hotel TwentySeven, where the bar inside is made out of ice. The drinks are served in ice glasses, and you have to wear cool capes and gloves. The experience was fun but a one-time only thing. Overall, we had a fun weekend. On Valentine’s Day, a few of us went to see “He’s Just Not That Into You.” It was cute, and the theaters here are really nice.

FC Kobenhaven (futboll/soccer team) played Manchester City on Thursday night, and we all made a split-second decision to go to the game. It was freezing and snowing the whole time, but it was so much fun! The crowd stands and sings the whole time. Copenhagen tied Manchester City in the last two minutes. It was a very exciting game. I’m also going to take Tyler to a game when he comes.

Sunday we went to visit Jillian’s visiting family. Today is Fastlhaven in Denmark and it’s sort of like Halloween. The kids all dress up and hit barrels until they break. They used to have a cat inside, but today they just have candy. Then Stine made me a wonderful birthday cake, and they gave me some presents. It was really sweet to be able to celebrate with them.

My 21st birthday is on Tuesday. Even though we’re not celebrating in America, I’m sure it will still be fun!