I have officially arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark. I had a direct flight from Newark Airport right into Copenhagen.

I’m currently hanging out at the Copenhagen University with Emily (fellow SMU student). We were on the same flight, and it has been so nice to have a friend to travel with. It’s already 11am and it’s not even light out yet. Compared to home where the temperatures were around 10 degrees, the 35 degree weather in Copenhagen feels warm!

We’re waiting for our housing orientation. I’m living in the DIS Shared Housing. It’s like apartments exclusively for DIS students. I’m rooming with Jillian (also fellow SMU student). Again, while I’m so excited to meet new people, it is so nice to have a friendly face to look forward to when I walk into my room. We have a kitchen and bathroom in our apartment so we will be expected to make all our own meals. I’m really excited to be able to cook for myself finally! Much better than a sorority house!

We have a whole bunch of programs this week, including a crash course in Danish. Classes start on Thursday and I have an 8:30am class every day. Nobody in the program has class on Wednesdays because there are group study tours on Wednesdays with our classes.

Getting used to the Danish language should be interesting. Everything is typically in Danish and English … at least in the airport.

Overall, today has consisted of lots of waiting around. There were 50 other DIS students on my flight to Copenhagen last night. (I had a 5:30pm flight and arrived in Denmark at 6:30am this morning). I am THRILLED that I didn’t lose my bags or have any problems like several other students did.