Andrew.jpgAn update from Mustang Corral director Andrew, a junior majoring in marketing with a minor in anthropology:

I had the amazing opportunity to be an AARO Leader last year. Through my experience, I can tell you all about what your day will be like when you come to campus this summer. AARO is a great way to create your first SMU connections, and I hope y’all take full advantage of everything we offer!

2009-AARO-leaders.jpg On Day 1, you will start with a wonderful breakfast and mingling with other new students. For the two days of AARO you will be in a small group with fellow incoming students and your AARO Leader, a current SMU student. (In photo: The AARO Leaders you’ll meet.)

Many sessions are provided to acclimate you to the academic and social standards at SMU.

During AARO you have your first meeting with your academic adviser. Your adviser will work with your interests to create a class schedule for the fall semester and draft a Four-Year Plan.

At the Red and Blue Lunch, you will learn all of SMU’s cheers and chants and sit at a table hosted by one of our wonderful faculty or staff members.

The first day concludes with a fun evening activity at the incredible Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports, so be sure to dress accordingly!

Everyone will then head to Boaz Hall for the night to hang out with other students and AARO Leaders. You will get to spend the night in the residence hall, so be sure to bring toiletries and PJs!

On Day 2, you will meet with the SMU Police Department for breakfast. From there, you will take a residence hall tour, attend a student panel and grab lunch with faculty members as they perform a “mock” lecture.

You also will be taking a picture for your student I.D. This picture will last for all your four years at SMU, so smile big!

Also, do not forget to purchase your parking pass, take your Rotunda yearbook photo and visit other on-campus offices including the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center, Residence Life and Student Housing and Memorial Health Center.

See you in July!