Liz.JPG An update from Mustang Corral director Elizabeth, a senior majoring in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs:

The most important advice I can give you about the AARO advising session is to be prepared. It will make the difference between a great visit and one that leaves you nervous about your schedule.

When picking classes, always remember it is first-come, first-served. Being prepared when meeting with your academic adviser will save you the trouble of going through the entire catalog and available classes to pick the ones you want.

In order to prepare, it’s important to figure out which type of classes you’re interested in taking that first semester. It’s a good idea to choose five to seven different areas or specific classes you want. Taking general education courses is a good way to start, too! These classes help you fulfill requirements and might open your mind to a different major or probable minor.

You can find a list of options and first-year requirements by signing onto Access using your student ID number and password.

The Dedman advising site has loads of information, including a list of classes that most first-year students take.

Use these resources and you are sure to make the most of your time at AARO.