Whitney in Florida

Whitney is a junior from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who is an international studies and premed major. At SMU, she serves as a resident assistant and is involved with Campus Ministries. This summer she has an internship in Florida in a church youth department, and in the fall she will study abroad with SMU-in-Copenhagen.

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Wedding break

I write this on the plane as I return from a whirlwind trip to Utah and Idaho for my best friend in high school’s wedding. She is my first friend from high school to get married, and I have to say, the experience was sort of surreal.

First, if you have never been to Northern Utah or Idaho, I would highly recommend planning a visit. I had a cousin who lived in Salt Lake City while he was attending medical school, and he liked the city, but I never made it up to visit. The drive from Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls (site of pre-wedding showers, hair appointments, etc) is a gorgeous one, with mountains flanking either side of the road, with small farms and grasslands in the valleys. I got to see the Great Salt Lake, which for some reason was not as large as I had expected.

I was the maid of honor in this particular soiree, and as such, I had a role (albeit a small one) in helping with the wedding preparations. We had a great wedding shower for my friend where we played trivia about the couple, and had some great opportunities to just relax and hang out. I enjoyed every second of it, since this trip constitutes my vacation between working and going to Copenhagen.

I had always thought weddings were events that were destined to be highly stressful, complicated, unpleasant affairs. My friend and her family totally proved me wrong. The planning and preparation were basically all done by the time I arrived, my friend was really low-maintenance and relaxed, which I think helped the entire day go smoothly.

Now, with that trip over, the next major event to look forward to is the church’s youth week next week, which I have an ominous feeling is about to become the all-consuming event of my life …

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