Whitney in Florida

Whitney is a junior from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who is an international studies and premed major. At SMU, she serves as a resident assistant and is involved with Campus Ministries. This summer she has an internship in Florida in a church youth department, and in the fall she will study abroad with SMU-in-Copenhagen.

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Preparing for Denmark

Somehow time has gotten away from me!

I started this week feeling pretty good about my departure – my plane tickets were bought, I had a list of what I needed to pack, had my passport and seemed to have it all together. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon some information that the program I’m studying abroad with sent me back in May that I began to panic.

I had (for some reason, perhaps procrastination?) forgotten to submit my paperwork for my Danish Residence Permit, something that you’re not allowed to enter the country without!

Frantically, I spent all day yesterday getting more passport photos made, making copies of my passport, filling out paperwork and talking through my panic with the nicest UPS guy in the continental United States. After everything, I happily sent my package off to the Danish Consulate in New York City. Hopefully I’ll get it returned and stamped before I have to leave!

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    1. Ingrid says:

      Dear Whitney,

      I hope you succeeded in getting your residence permit.

      I am looking forward to seeing you in Denmark. When will you be leaving the U.S.?

      Remember to bring warm clothes. These days are rather cool and rainy!

      Love from

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