This last week has been a complete and total blur. I got home from the wedding and immediately had to hit the ground running for our youth week. Youth week is basically comprised of a series of nightly events that are insane, out of control, fun things designed for the students. The two that I was directly in charge of was our “muckfest” (aka, messy game night) and a photo scavenger hunt. I had more fun coming up with ideas for these things than probably anything else this summer.

Our muckfest consisted of two hours of all-out competition between the students using oatmeal dyed green, shaving cream, 3000 water balloons, flour, tomato sauce, soap, cheetos, oil, and pudding. I was so disgusting at the end of the night that I had to take two showers to get all of the mess off myself! I had intended to stay clean and dry, but of course, my students had other plans.

The photo scavenger hunt was awesome as well. I had planned to send the students out with their brave adult volunteer drivers and stay at the church to get ready for our worship time, but some of the adults decided that we should do the scavenger hunt as well. We ended up madly driving around trying to get our pictures done in time (with a 30-minute handicap!). We might have taken pictures with security officers, gas station workers, in a fountain in a VERY public place, at the movie theatre, and in someone’s house that wasn’t even home, but I’m not sure …

The scavenger hunt night was tough as well, because it was my last night in Florida. The church made a huge production out of my leaving, having a huge cake that said “God Bless you and Keep You” in Danish, and getting me some awesome guides to Denmark and Copenhagen as going-away presents. Right now, I am again airborne, heading to my parents house in Monahans, TX (which I’ve never seen, since they moved this summer after I left for Florida).

This summer was the best experience that I’ve had so far, even better than my last summer in Florida. I will miss all of the friends I made there, the students and my boss immensely.