V-100_0931-sm.jpg My last day. As I sit back and think about this summer, I’m surprised at how quickly everything has gone by, whether I count the days in seconds, days, or cases (some lasting under 10 minutes, and the longest that I have scrubbed in lasting 8-9 hours).

Varsha-100_0901-sm.jpgI have learned so much more than I had ever expected to learn, thanks to not only Dr. Howell and Dr. Whisenand (in photo), my mentors, but also numerous other surgeons at the Methodist Hospital and St. Luke’s Hospital. I came in, not knowing what to expect, and sought confirmation if the career of a doctor, a surgeon – to be exact – was the right path for me.

V-100_0903-sm.jpgAt the end of eight weeks, I now have that confirmation, as I learned so much about medicine and different procedures, as well as how to make a difference in the life of a patient. I was in the room as the patient expressed concerns about the surgery pre-op, when the patient was operated upon, and as this same patient progressed back to health.

V-100_0935-sm.jpgI had the ability to connect with students with similar interests from different colleges, met amazing surgeons who were willing to teach, see patients’ look of joy when they were back in good health. During this amazing summer experience, I have discovered not only how much I want to be a surgeon (maybe even a heart surgeon), but more important, why I want to become a surgeon.